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We have decided to decrease our operations in the Ottawa region, and all MONITORED accounts will now be serviced by TELUS. 

Alliance Security Team helps you manage the security of your house with smart home security systems in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Knowing when there is motion or a broken window is easier than ever. When our motion sensors are activated, you can detect and measure any movement. We also offer video systems with analytics that can tell the difference between animal, vehicle and person. You can also consider setting up scenes to appear when you aren’t home. We recommend using Qolsys IQ 4 panel for the security of your home, and our team can provide you with customized solutions that best fit your needs. We also have a guard service available for you in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

We are pleased to offer a Military Discount Program! 

Convenient Home Security At Your Fingertips

We offer you convenient home security solutions that can be controlled with the help of a mobile app. The mobile connectivity helps you view your alarm system status or your live/recorded video feed via mobile app. Our solutions also include:

Home automation

Home Automation

These systems help provide you easy access to control the lights in your porch, kitchen, and other areas of your house. You can also choose to schedule heating and cooling as per your liking.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your property the smart way, with video surveillance. You can get 3 to 5-year warranties on your system and 24-hour on-call services.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection Systems

With intrusion detection systems that can detect motion, glass breakage, CO, smoke, and flood, you can ensure that your family is safe at all times.

Customizable Guard Services

With an active guard on duty, you will always have a real person visit your premises and respond to your security system alarm and ensure everything is secure, even while you’re away.

Flood Lights

Flood Alarm

These systems help in monitoring the water levels in your house and send out an alarm to us in case the water level rises.

Motion Detector

Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors And CO Monitoring Services

These are smart solutions that understand the movement of your pets and notify an emergency contact if the CO alarm goes off while you are away.

Battery room

Backup Battery

When you have a power failure in your home, a backup battery gives your home extended security for a number of hours.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

These systems help in monitoring the temperature inside your house so that your security system can send a signal to us when your heating system fails. CO, smoke, heat, flood sensors, glass breaks, etc., can be sent to you by text.

Our Promise Of Safety

With Alliance Security Team by your side, you can keep an eye on your home, pets and loved ones.

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