Looking Forward To Travelling Again? Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away.

Now that we’re all starting to be able to travel again after a long hiatus, we wanted to remind you of some things to consider before you jet off to warmer weather this fall and winter.


Did you put your alarm on suspend while we all watched Netflix, baked bread, and got through lockdowns? If you’re planning on travelling soon, re-activating your alarm will allow you to secure your home.

We recommend giving a passcode to a trusted relative, friend, or neighbour. You can also look into adding water or temperature monitors to ensure that there is no damage while you’re away.

Stop Subscriptions

Redirect mail and stop any subscriptions that come to your home that aren’t needed. If you’re signed up for automatic shipments from Amazon, subscription boxes that auto-renew or just your mail service, make sure to redirect or hold those items until you return.

Use Home Automation

Put lights or your television on a timer. Light up your home, and having it appear as though there are still people home helps to keep your home safe and secure.

Don’t Post

Are you only going on a short-term trip? Don’t post anything on social media until you get back from your vacation. You never know who will see you on the beach in your feed? Turn off location services, so there are no tags that you’re out of the country.

Update Call List

Has your neighbour moved since the last time you were able to go away, did you change your phone number or cut a landline? You can make changes to your on-call list or verify the information you have given us before.

Add a Camera

Adding a camera to your current system is an easy way to confirm that the snow removal company has shown up, that the neighbour is collecting mail or caring for your cat.

Your Security Team is here to discuss additional ways to keep your home safe while you’re soaking up the sun.


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