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An Innovative Security Solution: Consider a Smart Home

Offering You Peace of Mind

Canadian Security Team offers a wide array of solutions when it comes to protecting your home and family. Imagine controlling your home’s temperature, lights, alarms; and monitoring your surveillance cameras directly on your smart phone, tablet or PC. We have all you need to set up a smart home from Quinte West to Ottawa.


Secure Home

Flood alarm

This device monitors water level at the low point of your foundation and sends out a notification to us if the level rises.

Environmental monitoring

This refers to temperature monitoring in your home. If your heating appliance fails, your security system will send a signal to us so we can notify you before your pipes freeze!

Intrusion detection systems

These include door and window contacts, motion detection, and glass breakage detection. Everything can be part of the basic security system and the benefit of extra detection devices (CO, smoke, flood, etc.) can be added.

Mobile connectivity

View your alarm system status or your live/recorded video feed via mobile app.

smart Home

Smart Home security system

Home Automation

This refers to automated lighting (porch light, kitchen light when you wake up) and scheduled heating and cooling. Lower temperatures will be programmed for sleeping and daytime hours when no one is home vs. warmer temperatures when you are home.

Video surveillance system

We offer traditional and hard-wired system options. 3 to 5-year warranties on your system and 24-hour, on-call service are available.

Guard service

A totally customizable response to any alarm system signal. Upon signing up, you can request our guard service. A guard will arrive at your home to respond to the alarm on your security system and ensure everything is secure.

Intercom Systems

We have a wide range of residential intercom solutions. From simple intercom systems for apartment buildings to more advanced technology like video intercoms, we have what you need to ensure your protection and ease communication.

Have Pets? No Problem.

Your pets are part of your family too, but they shouldn’t dissuade you from installing a security system due to their constant movements around the home. That’s why we offer pet-friendly motion detectors and CO monitoring services. Should the CO alarm go off while you are away, you can easily ask a friend or a neighbour to let your pet out of the house.

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